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Sarah, 26 Feb 2021

My favourite curry takeaway past 10 years

Matthew, 28 Jan 2021

Regular customer but I ordered today, which included samosas with sauce and salad but they arrived plain :( other than that I like raji

Michelle Hardwick, 17 Jan 2021

Best around

Jon, 17 Dec 2020

Took my money then cancelled my order disgusting service when I rang they told me to just reorder sorry your not having two lots of payments I want my money back

Leanne Weekes, 07 Dec 2020

Our favourite takeaway! We love getting our usual curry and starters, great value for money as we always have enough for an extra meal each. Lovely service too!

Alexandra, 05 Dec 2020

Always the best never disappointed

Allison Ashcroft, 14 Nov 2020

Accepted order, took payment, food not delivered

Lea, 05 Nov 2020

This order said it had been delivered but it hadn’t. I ring over 10 times and there was no answer... ridiculous

Ellie, 04 Nov 2020

Excellent food answer service as always. Many thanks

Alex, 28 Oct 2020

Been going Raj's for decades and never had any bad food or felt bad the day after. Always fresh , hot and tasty. Does take a little longer to deliver sometimes but when it's cooked fresh and they're busy it's no biggie. AKA Fat boy ;)

Matthew, 23 Oct 2020


allways tastes freshly made

Derek, 16 Oct 2020

Excellent Service

Paul, 15 Oct 2020

Have ordered for years, what is going on? Nan too thick, curry tasteless! Chips ok, food hot and delivered on time.

Mark, 09 Oct 2020

I have ordered from here for years, what has happened curry was tasteless and nan was too thick. Chips were nice and food arrived on time and was hot, shame it ended in the bin.

Mark, 09 Oct 2020

35 mins late but Good food. Not enough prawns in the shashlik. Would possibly try again.

Ben, 23 Sep 2020

In my Opinion The Best Donner Kebab in the UK

Adam, 21 Sep 2020

In My Opinion Rajs Palace Donner On Garlic Naan Is The Best In The World!

Adam, 23 Aug 2020

  Reply : Thankyou so much for your kind words we really appreciate it

I frequently order from Raj's and have always had great customer service and food. Today after waiting 15 minutes for my pre ordered collection I asked if my order would be ready and explained how it should have been ready 15 minutes ago, the young man offered no apology and basically said it was my fault for ordering when they had only just opened. I found him rude and cocky. If it is an issue getting food out when you have just opened I would recommend that collection times don't start until a time when the food is likely to be ready. My main issue was not that I was waiting but the attitude from this staff member, this was after seeing him talk to the girl who was on the phones quite rudely too. The food and value for money were great as always but I have definitely been put off ordering again in future.

Rhys, 19 Aug 2020

  Reply : Rhys I sincerely apologise for this incident i cannot apologise enough me and the entire team at rajs palace are sorry about this and rest assured the young staff member has been dealt with accordingly. Thankyou for your custom at rajs palace we really appreciate it

good values

Ray, 17 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thankyou for your positive feedback we really appreciate it

Always trust Raj’s for good quality

Michelle, 03 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thankyou for your positive feedback we really appreciate it

100% customer service, very polite young driver. food piping hot & tasty

Anne, 24 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thankyou for your positive feedback we really appreciate it

really nice and tasty cheese burger meal.

Anne, 19 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thankyou for the positive feedback we really appreciate it

Food is always awesome. Fresh and hot. Delivery driver always friendly also and great customer services from the person who answers the phone

Alan, 06 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thankyou for your positive feedback we really appreciate it

I have always loved Rajs'. Everything has always been as ordered and really good. You always knew where you stood with a Rajs'! We have had some dodgy orders over the last year but it improved again and regardless of other people we know saying it has gone downhill, we continued to use. But is seems that the online orders are not being read or misunderstood maybe? I have always had salad and sauce separate. Personal choice as I think the food is ruined by time it gets here otherwise, plus I can blast it in the microwave when it is not really hot. After a few times of this being ignored (even though someone at Rajs' circled it on the order!), it arrived sauce on, soggy. I put it in capitals tonight and so pleased it arrived separate, thank you! My son's pizza was not cooked properly, doughy and cool. He had prawns on top so I was even more cautious. I warmed it up in the oven and then it was nice he said. Defeating the object! I have often been given veg instead of meat samosa's. God knows what tonight's were because there were rare fragments of possible mince amongst 99% sweetcorn, peas and potatoes. I think I saw onion. Luckily the pastry is still great. Raj's samosa's were always the best in Rochdale, seriously! So I had a samosa earlier and have come to my kebab now and it's the wrong one AGAIN!! I ordered donner and seekh pitta and it's donner and chicken. This happened the last order but I did not complain because you were closed and I like to think we all make mistakes occasionally. Before anyone thinks of blaming Corona, I am happy to wait longer for what I ordered within reason. Please keep Raj's great! By the way my son loved the pineapple fritter which he had whilst waiting for the pizza to warm up as he was starving!

Shelley Bridge, 27 May 2020

  Reply : Im deeply sorry about this, I really appreciate your custom. I have noted your details and hopefully next time this issue wont occur again...once again I apologise for the inconvenience caused Have a great day

Lovely food and travel the extra miles to deliver my food just a great place all round got orders for years from this place

Rachel, 26 May 2020

  Reply : Thankyou rachel appreciate the positive feedback